A Better Auto Crossbow


Side Quests



Quest Giver

Cid Sophiar



A Better Auto Crossbow is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"A master mechanic, Cid can modify mechanized weapons to unleash their full potential. If Noctis can obtain a cactuar needle, Cid will upgrade the Auto Crossbow - but he may take a while."


A Better Auto Crossbow Objectives

  1. Give Cid a Cactuar Needle
  2. Pass time by undertaking quests and hunts (Complete two hunts/quests)
  3. Retrieve weapon from Cid



A Better Auto Crossbow Rewards



A Better Auto Crossbow Walkthrough

 After acquiring the Auto Crossbow in Keyactrich Trench, this will be the upgrade quest for this particular Machine. You'll have to take the weapon to Cid Sophiar at this garage in Hammerhead


 You'll need a Cactuar Needle to upgrade the weapon. To find one head towards the Risorath Basin. As you pass the bridge there will be a large rock to the side of the bridge. Climb on it to find the needle. If you're having trouble finding it you can speak to a tipster in the Meldacio Hunter HQ just north of Lestallum and he will mark the Treasures in the area on your map, including the needle. Bring the needle back to Cid and he will 



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