A Stone-Studded Stunner


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Galdin Quay

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Recommended Level


A Stone-Studded Stunner is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Dino again seeks Noctis's assistance in acquiring raw stones for use in a new piece. The prince agrees to help the aspiring jewler by locating the ore he needs."


A Stone-Studded Stunner Objectives

  1. Head to the specified area.
  2. Obtain three heliodor stones.
  3. Deliver the three stones to Dino.



A Stone-Studded Stunner Rewards



A Stone-Studded Stunner Walkthrough

  • Go to the quest marker that shows the rough location of where the Heliodor stones are.
  • One of the stone are in the south most side of the quest circle, it can be found in a large rock with a cluster of red stones.
  • Another in the east most side of the quest circle, again in a large rock with a cluster of red stones.
  • Last one can be found in the north part of the quest circle, near the fishing spot, behind a large rock and you will see a cluster of red stones.
  • Return to Galdin Quay and deliver it to Dino.




  • While doing the quest you will find a new fishing spot, Malacchi Pond n Kettier Highland.

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