Case of the Stolen Specs




Pectriche Haven

Quest Giver




Case of the Stolen Specs is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Quest description goes here."


Case of the Stolen Specs Objectives

  1. ??
  2. ??
  3. ??



Case of the Stolen Specs Rewards

  • 20 AP



Case of the Stolen Specs Walkthrough

  • This tour takes place in the middle of  the Myrlwood and features Noctis and Ignis. To find your friend's glasses, head to the designated waypoint by the Royal Tomb. When the mini-game begins, sneak toward the tree without being noticed while the chocobo takes the bait. Every time it turns around and looks in your direction, hold the square button ti remain silent until it resumes its meal. Once you have the spec, you can return to the campsite.




  • While riding in the Regalia, sometimes Prompto asks Ignis what will happen if  his glasses get broken. Ignis tells Prompto that he has a spare pair. However, he does not use them.

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