Costlemark Tower Maze is a Puzzle in Final Fantasy XV. This page would describe the walkthrough into unlocking its rewards.


Rooms and Puzzle



The platform will be the exit when you feel to get out of the area. BE CAREFUL NOT TO EXIT BEFORE READY. Will be open after the first comeback.

These two points will be the areas where you will land when coming back to this room.

These 4 points are interactable devices/elevators.



 This area is where the target would be.

These pathways are the only routes to the goal of the maze.

These areas leads to a mini boss fight of red giant and a nagarani with some minions. Another red giant will be added each time you enter the final room maxing at 3.

Final Room

When reaching this area, there would be a boss fight with a bunch of enemies. Defeating them will reward the Sword of the tall

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    • Anonymous

      31 Dec 2016 06:19  

      Farm Zu beaks, make limit break level 99 spells of each element plus healcast of each element with 99 lucian tomatoes. Mush easier, though I had to restart from camp a couple times.

      • Anonymous

        24 Dec 2016 20:14  

        I made it to the two Elder coerls without dying once. Took about two to three Hours. Those two asshole kitties *****ed me into pieces :( got killed a 1000 Times and ultimately gave up and left. I wasnt prepared enough. Before u go there make sure to be lvl 99, well geared and have lots of spells with you. Especialy healing spells.

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