Let Sleeping Mountains Lie


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Let Sleeping Mountains Lie is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Noctis receives an emergency call from Cindy who warns him about a sudden rash of earthquakes rocking the Leide region. The prince and his friends agree to investigate."


Let Sleeping Mountains Lie Objectives

  1. ??
  2. ??



Let Sleeping Mountains Lie Rewards

  • 1000 XP



Let Sleeping Mountains Lie Walkthrough


  • Head back to Hammerhead and speak to Cindy
  •  Go to the Longwythe Rest Area and talk to Dave
  • Speak to Dino inside the diner. Note that various sidequest vendors will also be available if you have taken part in assignments involving them. They will each give you a consumable if you speak to them.
  • Interact with Monica, who you will find to the east of Longwythe Peak.
  • The quest is completed as you automatically leave the premises after the Adamantoise appears.




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    • Anonymous

      1) Holly
      2) Talcott
      3) Iris
      4) Kimya
      5) Nayvth
      6) Cid
      7) Sania
      8) Vyv
      9) Dino
      10) Coctura
      11) Takka
      12) A letter on the table Wiz
      13) Dave
      14) Ezma.

      To get Ezma get the quest involving the secret dungeon doors from her, by completing all the dungeons.

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