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Proprietor's Grandson

Quest Giver


Mind the Trap is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"The proprietor of Veenon's Trading seeks to secure new supply channels for his merchandise, but the hunter he has engaged has gone silent. As a fellow hunter, perhaps Noctis can track down this individual."


Mind the Trap Objectives

  1. Track down the hunter
  2. Remove old traps (5)
  3. Report to the hunter
  4. Report to the proprietor's grandson.



Mind the Trap Rewards

  • 1500 EXP
  • Discount at Veenon's Trading in the market of Lestallum



Mind the Trap Walkthrough

  • Speak to Veenon's grandson, then head to the Taelpar Rest Area and talk to the designated hunter, Disarm the traps in the quest area to the south, then report back to the hunter before you later claim your reward from Veenon's grandson.




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