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On the Hunt for a Harvest is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"The proprietor of Furlock Farms needs help bringing in the harvest, However, with his farm situated in the middle of wilderness, the job is too dangerous for civilliains. and he must rely on able hunters.."


On the Hunt for a Harvest Objectives

  1. Receive instructions at Furlock Farms.
  2. Slay voretooths on the farm
  3. Harvest green beans
  4. Report to the farmer
  5. Deliver the green beans to the proprietor



On the Hunt for a Harvest Rewards

  • 2000 EXP
  • Discount at his shop in the market of Lestallum



On the Hunt for a Harvest Walkthrough

  • Speak to the Furloch Farm owner in Lestallum's market. Head to his farm, south of Coernix Station - Cauthess. Talk to the proprietor's nephew then go to the quest marker and clear the area then proceed to harvest the green beans and talk to the nephew again and then return to the proprietor in Lestallum's market.




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