Platinum Ingot



Platinum Ingot is an Item in Final Fantasy XV


Platinum Ingot Information


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Platinum Ingot Uses

  • Can be sold for 10,000gil



Where to Find/Location

  • Can be found by Gladiolus as a drop with Surival skill 7+ and it only drops off enemies in the harder Lucian dungeons
  • Can be found as a blue item on the ground in some of the harder dungeons that are accessible with the "sealbreaker's key"
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Tactical Strategies

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  • There are a few spots in the harder Lucian dungeons  (dungeon only accessible with the sealbreakers key), but will mainly come as a drop from Gladiolous's servival skills.  As a spell material it can be used to craft free cast spells.  Seems the main purpose is just a vendor item, which sells for 10,000 Gil.
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    • Anonymous

      24 Mar 2018 03:18  

      The 4 earth bridges above cauthuss rest area has a platinum ingot on the northern most bridge. The other 3 have a mega pheonix styling gel and a big cockatrice feather.

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