Regalia Type-F

Regalia Type-F is a Ride in Final Fantasy XV. It is the flying version of the Regalia.


Regalia Type-F Information

  • The Regalia Type-F is a sophistocated piece of tech that allows you to travel over the world with a lot of freedom.
  • It features take off and landing mechanics, which must be executed correctly or the party will die and you will have to retry.
  • Acquiring this vehicle is not required to complete the main story, but their are certain areas of the game that can only be accessed via flight.
  • The Type-F will not run out of fuel while in flight.


Obtaining the Regalia Type-F

  • TheType-F is an upgrade you can make to the base car, the Regalia
  • When you go past Formouth Garrison at any point after Chapter 8, you'll receive a quest to infiltrate it. When you complete it you will earn the Strange Engine.
  • When you get to Chapter 15, you can have Umbra warp you back to Lucis. Doing this will give you a quest called Into Unknown Frontiers. Go see Cindy at the garage then and she will upgrade the Regalia to the new and improved flying version!

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