Scraps of Mystery VIII


Side Quest


Mencemoor, Duscae Region

Quest Giver

Item Pickup



Scraps of Mystery VIII is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"The party has found a scrap of paper that appears to be part of a map. Search for the location it points to."  

Scraps of Mystery VIII Objectives

  1. Find the location it points to. 
  2. Search the area for the treasure. 

Scraps of Mystery VIII Rewards

  • Sylvester's Map Piece H 

Scraps Of Mystery VIII Walkthrough

  • To obtain the quest, the map clue can be found in the large open warehouse located in the Cauthess Rest Area. You'll find the clue in the northeastern edge of the warehouse underneath some shelves in the back.
  • With the clue in hand, Sylvester's Map Piece H is found to the east of Coernix Station - Cauthess. You can head across the road and follow a dirt path, or go off-road altogether using a Chocobo, towards the waypoint itself. 
  • Eventually, you'll see a large rusted and abandoned Imperial transport, with Sylvester's Map Piece H wedged in-between two grates on the eastern side of transport.


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