Van, Interrupted Again


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Van, Interrupted Again is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Yet another delivery van carrying merchandies for the Prissock General Store was waylaid by monsters. The proprietor asks Noctis to find the stranded van and retrieve its cargo."


Van, Interrupted Again Objectives

  1. Find the abandoned vehicle and retrieve its cargo
  2. Deliver the cargo to the proprietor




Van, Interrupted Again Rewards

  • 2500 EXP
  • Discount for its wares



Van, Interrupted Again Walkthrough

  • Once you have received this assignment from Prissockm head to the quest marker, to the south east of Wiz Chocobo Post. The abandoned van is clearly visible by the road, though you will need to defeat the beasts in the area to retrieve the shipment. Report back to the proprietor to finish the quest.




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