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Vyv's Volcanic Inspiration is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


" The distinctive form of the Rock of Ravatogh has long lured many a landscape photographer, yet few have succeeded in snapping its slopes. Eager to please his readers, Vyv asks Noctis and his friends to clib the volcanic crag and take a photo of the cave at its summit."


Vyv's Volcanic Inspiration Objectives

  1. Ascend the Rock of Ravatogh
  2. Photograph the mysterious cave
  3. Report back to Vyv.



Vyv's Volcanic Inspiration Rewards

  • 3000 exp
  • 15000 gil



Vyv's Volcanic Inspiration Walkthrough

  • Once Vyv has given you this new quest. head to the Rock of Ravatogh and go up the slope thats leads to the lava waterfall (head west of the map) Take the photo and report back to Vyv.




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