Where the Wild Chocobos Are


Side Quests


Wiz Chocobo Post

Quest Giver




Where the Wild Chocobos Are is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"As well as looking after the domestic chocobos of the Chocobo Post, Wiz keeps an eye on the local wild bird population. Noctis offers to take a photo of a wild chocobo to set Wiz's mind at ease."


Where the Wild Chocobos Are Objectives

  1. Photograph a wild chocobo.
  2. Report back to Wiz.



Where the Wild Chocobos Are Rewards



Where the Wild Chocobos Are Walkthrough

  • Easy quest. Just head back to to the area where you killed Behemoth earlier. Follow the chocobo for a short time, and it should come running towards you once you get about halfway thru the map.




  • Good place to get alot of Voretooth Bristles.

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