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Wondrous Weapon is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"The smithy and heroes have slain many great evils in order to make the ultimate weapon, but now the bloodied warriors face their greatest challenge. Noctis and his companions must vanquish the dread daemon Naglfar and complete the greatest legend ever told."


Wondrous Weapon Targets

  1. Naglfar



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Wondrous Weapon Walkthrough

  • For Randolph final assignment, You'll need to fight Naglfar. Wait until its night time and head to Fort Vaullerey, in the middle of the warehouses outside the base. The Naglfar is weak againt all elements but resistant to all standard weapon types so prepare accordingly. This makes Royal Arms the best weapon type to use against Naglfar. Make sure that you regularly augment them with Igni's Enhancement. Naglfar is very fast for its size and have high attack rate. One effective strategy is to remain close the monster's sides. By flanking the creature, you are naturally out of range of its frontal attacks. Phase or warp through each of its assaults, then immediately retaliate before the next one begins. Don't be greedy: you can only execute a few blows. Any prolonged combo will usually end poorly, unless your opponent unleashes one of its special laser-based attacks, leaving it ripe for a long sequence of blows while it is "locked" in a direction. By alternating defensive sessions and quick offensive burst of attack, you will eventually grind down your opponent. Take its unique item drop to Randolph to complete one of the game's ultimate challenges.




  • Naglfar is level 120.  Quest can be picked up as a chain in Lestallum from Randolph, the legendary Blacksmith.
  • You will need to complete Cursed Legend quest to unlock this quest
  • Using a mixture of Ignis' Enhancement, the Star of the Rogue and warp-strikes can prove as a good method to fighting Naglfar. (Provided you have enough Potions and Elixirs.)

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