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A Meat Most Magnificent is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"As usual, Takka is looking for new ingredients. but the beast he want's hunted is quite the fearsome foe. Noctis and his friends agree to slay the massive Catoblepas and bring back its meat"


A Meat Most Magnificent Objectives

  1. Slay the Catoblepas
  2. Bring the meat back to Takka



A Meat Most Magnificent Rewards



A Meat Most Magnificent Walkthrough

  • For Takka's final assignment you will need to obtain a Catoblepas Brisket. Head to Coernix Station - Alstor, and accept the "Marsh Madness! The Giant Awakens" mobhunt from the diner.
  • Catoblepas are weak to Polearm attack and Ice magic. Ice Spear is an ideal weapon for this quest or you could have Ignis use his technique "Enhancement" this imbues Noctis's weapon with the element that is the weakness of the current target for 60 sec. This also boost the inherent damage of that element from weapons and spells.
  • On combat, attack the target whenever you can but focus on defending and parrying and you should be able to defeat this target no problem.




  • The Mob-Hunting quest for Catoblepas requires a hunting level of 4 to join
  • You might need to retry this hunt if you weren't able to get the Catoblepas Brisket. As the drop rate is 50%. We suggest going to a camp and have Ignis prepare the dish "Mother & Child Rice Bowl". The Effect of the said dish is that it increases total HP by 1000, EXP gain by +30% and most important it increases drop rate +50%

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