Dynamo is an Item in Final Fantasy XV


Dynamo Information


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Dynamo Uses



Where to Find/Location

  • During A King's Struggle Quest in Chapter 13 you can find one in the giant warehouse. Go down to the lower level and head north into the darkness. Climb the staircase to the platform to find the item there.
  • During Cure for Insomnia Quest you can find one on the streets of Insomnia in a transport vehicle to the south, at the end of a street. It is guarded by an Ariadne.
  • Dropped by MA Veles-Bis (60%), MA Hoplomachus (95%)



Tactical Strategies

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    • Anonymous

      There is one in the treasure spot near the callaten's plunge, near the big snake (midgar or something). Near the road to royal tomb of the wanderer (sword in the waterfall mainquest in chapter 3)

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