Elemental Magic in Final Fantasy XV is covered on this page.


Elemental Magic


Elemental Magic consists of Fire Magic, Ice Magic and Lightning Magic are the elemental magic in the game and require elemental energy to cast. Elemental energy is present throughout the world of Final Fantasy XV in deposits, and are a type of energy that the party can absorb (similar to Final Fantasy VIII's 'Draw' mechanic.) Certain Weapons also provide energy absorption effects. The energy that you do absorb will be used to cast and create spells and will be stored in your inventory. The spell item will be equipped in place of a weapon when in battle.

Elemental Magic has impact - visually and mechanically on the environment. Weather also has an impact during battle as magic can have different effects depending on the current climate such as setting dry areas on fire, or thunder magic being amplified during rain. Magic can damage both enemies and any party members caught in the spell radius.

  • Fire Magic: Can set fire to Oil and other flammable or explosive objects.
  • Ice MagicCan freeze any water around the caster of the spell.
  • Lightning Magic: Can deal large damage to target of spell if combine with water or rain.

Fire Magic



Fire Magic in Final Fantasy XV is listed here. Fire magic is unique in that it can interact with the environment and set fire to objects during dry conditions or can ignite oil that may leak from mechanized enemies. These spells are created via Elemancy.


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