Hard Whiskers



Hard Whiskers is an Item in Final Fantasy XV


Hard Whiskers Information


"Taken from a mesmenir, these bristles can be used to craft an excellent toothbrsuh, it could be sold for a small amount of gil."


Hard Whiskers Effect

  • Used in Elemancy to create various spells


Where to Find\Location

  • Leide Region, drops from mesmenir in The Three Valleys
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Tactical Strategies

  • Can be used to craft magic in high quantites.
  • Can be acquired relatively easily by taking the hunt from hammerhead. One trick is to leave your car parked at hammerhead, take the quest and rest at the camp near the hunt location; doing this you will be able to complete the hunt, choose the "return back to your car" option to immediately return to hammer head to hand in the hunt, and then pick the hunt up again and select the "return to rest point" option.



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