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Head to the Throne Room is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


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Head to the Throne Room Objectives

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Head to the Throne Room Rewards

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Head to the Throne Room Walkthrough

 Once Ifrit is defeated, enter the citadel. Board the elevator to go to the upper level and enter the throne room. Before you enter the throne room, you will ask Prompto for a photo to keep. Choose any of the photos you would like and you will now have to face off against Ardyn in his final Boss form. 


 Ardyn has a variety of fast attacks so make liberal use of blocking and evading until he stops. Once he does, get your attacks in. When he uses his powerful ice spells, avoid it with a dodge roll. The key to dealing with him is your counters. Think defense into offense. Occasionally you will clash swords, and during this portion, you'll have to keep pressing the prompted button to break him and then attack him during this opening.


 Once you defeat him, the game's final cutscene will play. When you load the cleared data, the game will resume before the final battle. To get back to the open world to finish off some other Quests, head to a rest point and pick the option to talk to Umbra. You can then choose to be taken to the past.




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