Teamwork Abilities

"Nexuses that boost your allies' teamwork. Activate these nodes to improve the support your comrades provide in combat."




AP Cost



First Shot Gain first strike against a nearby enemy with a firearm. Adds to tech bar 6 N/A Prompto
Shock Drop Electocute an enemy with machinery when Noctis attack it in midair 24 First Shot Prompto
Sharp Shock Boost Shock Drop Damage 99 Shock Drop Prompto
Scintilla Deliver a counterattack and stun enemies with a firearm 18 First Shot Prompto
Ballistic Swiftly unleash damage on an area with a firearm. Makes enemies flinch 64 Scintilla Prompto
Link Up Boost link strike damage 8 N/A All
Super Link Up Further boost link strike damage 32 Link Up All
Critical Link Always deliver a critical hit when link-striking 333 Super Link Up All
Limitless Link Break limit on link strike damage 999 Critical Link All
Deathblow Deliver an devastating blow to a vulnarable enemy 16 Link Up All except Noctis
Ultimate Deathblow Deliver an utterly devastating blow to a vulnarable enemy 99 Deathblow All except Noctis
Reflex Deliver a powerful counterattack with a greatsword. Makes enemies flinch 6 N/A Gladiolus
Engage Gain first strike by delivering a powerful greatsword slash 18 Reflex Gladiolus
Intercept Protect Noctis from enemy attacks with a shield 64 Engage Gladiolus
Antagonize Make an enemy flinch with a paralyzing kick while Noctis is defending 24 Reflex Gladiolus
Acute Antagonism Boost Antagonize damage 99 Antagonize Gladiolus
Analyze Automatically scan most enemies weaknesses at the onset of battle 6 N/A Ignis
Venom Fang Poison an enemy with daggers when Noctis chain attacks it 24 Analyze Ignis
Virulent Venom Boost Venom Fang damage 64 Venom Fang Ignis
Lancet Deliver a counterattack and drain an enemy's HP with a polearm 18 Analyze Ignis
Regenerate Heal an ally with a hidden recovery item 99 Lancet Ignis

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