Berried Memories


Side Quests


Galding Quay

Quest Giver


Berried Memories is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Coctura has whipped up an idea for a new dessert: a confection originally intended to honor Noctis's marriage to Lady Luna. Touched by the sweet gesture, the four friends decide to help the chef by finding the rare ingredient she requires"


Berried Memories Objectives

  1. Obtain Ulwaat berries.
  2. Deliver the berries to Coctura



Berried Memories Rewards



Berried Memories Walkthrough

  • After picking up the quest from Coctura in Galdin Quay, head to Cape Caem and grows some Caem Carrots. If you already have at least 2 Caem Carrots simpl talk to Tony in the area and trade two carrots for an Ulwaat Berries. Deliver it to Coctura to finish the quest.




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