Ulwaat Berries



Ulwaat Berries is an Item in Final Fantasy XV


Ulwaat Berries Information


"A type of strawberry from that is rich in vitamins. It is hard to find in other regions."


Where to Find/Location


Dishes Used In



  • Obtain them from Tony at Cape Caem to complete the Berried Memories quest.
  • Ulwaat Berries turn out to be the missing ingredient in the pastry that features in the fourth episode, Bittersweet Memories, of the Brotherhood anime. This is referenced in-game when the Berried Memories quest is completed.
  • Ulwaat Berries can be sold to shops for 2,000 gil.

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    • Anonymous

      This is supposed to be at old gobunant's boat??? But it's not showing up there??? I have tried everything to unlock it at this store so I can get lots for the magemaster food, but nothing has worked so far!

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